Rent To Own in Lake County IL

Are you dreaming of owning your own home in Lake County, IL but have less than perfect credit?

Our simple Rent-To-Own program can make your dreams come true. We have helped many people just like you become home owners. Call us today!

Now finding homes for families just like yours in Lake County, IL.

You’re dream home could be just a phone call away! Contact Gary Swift to find out more information about this beneficial program; he will provide you with the tools and instructions to begin your journey to home ownership.

Your Journey Begins Here!

Begin your journey to find that special place your loved ones can call Home. If this opportunity sounds like it would be beneficial to you and will meet your needs, don’t hesitate to call and get more information and start applying today. You’ve got nothing to lose! There’s no place like “Home Sweet Home!”

“I help you find the home you would buy if you had the right credit and down payment.” ~ Gary Swift

Contact Gary Swift at 815-814-6004.

Now Offering Lease with Purchase Right Program for the following areas in Lake County: Lake Villa, Volo, Round Lake, Fox Lake, Island Lake and Wauconda Illinois.