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Alternatives to Renting in Lake County

Lease with Purchase Right Program for Lake County, IL

What is a Lease to Own House Purchase?

For many hard working families in Lake County, home ownership has been an unattainable dream. We have put together a program that has helped hundreds of families in Lake County, IL own their own home.

How does it work?

I help you find a house that is listed for sale and is the right home for your family. . . . the house you would buy if you were able to do so at this time.

Then our program buys that house, immediately. They do whatever repairs are necessary and rent it to you for one year.

During that year, you save up a down payment, fix your credit issues and buy the house from them at a price you both agreed on, when you first moved in. If you cannot do it in one year, they are willing to renew the lease as many as four more times for a total of five years.

During the time you live there, your circumstances may change and this may no longer be the best house for your family. If you decide not to buy the house, all you have to do is pay your rent until the end of the current lease, it is never more than 12 months, and you move out. There are no charges or forfeiture, no penalties, no negative effect on your credit.

Call me for more information on the 400+ houses available in Lake County, IL and to begin the process of Renting-To-Own your own home.



Our rent-to-own-program is available in Lake Villa, Island Lake, Fox Lake, Round Lake, Volo and Waucanda Illinois.